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Street Beef Staff

President - Chris (Scarface) Willmore

CEO - Chris (Mighty Mouse) Yarbarough

Photography Director - Amy Willmore

Officials - Daniel Shull, Robert Franke

Internet Radio Production Managers - Jason C. Kubin

Internet Radio Show Hosts - Austin (Wild Whitey) Singletary, Glenn Brophy, Jason C. Kubin, Fweago Banks, Kevin (K-Dawg) Davis, Keith (The Professor) Vaughn

Transportation: Kevin (The Wild Chauffeur) Davis


In 2008, Chris and Amy Willmore had come to a crossroad in their life after the death of a close friend who was a victim of gun violence. The Willmore's found themselves faced with a choice, do they sit by and let the killing continue, or do they take the innitiative to find a solution? They decided to take action.

That action came in the form of a fight club that focused it's efforts on taking people who had disputes with other people, and had exhausted other means of resolution. Streetbeefs was born out of necessity. By providing our youth with a safe environment complete with medical personel, rules, protection gear, and a referee, Streetbeefs became the center of conflict resolution. Adversaries could come to the "yard" and settle their disputes by gloving up.

Quickly, Streetbeefs took on a mission goal of Put Down The guns, Put Up The Gloves. Willmores' project immediatly reduced street violence, injuries, and crime rates. They quickly caught international attention and became a Youtube sensation.

Today, Streetbeefs operates a hit Youtube channel, an internet radio show called "Streetbeefs Fight Talk Live" and is currently working on an unscripted reality television show.

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